Freestyle nails for the masses

Jan 20

Anonymous said: I want to get fake nails but I don't want to get the French manicure type. Would it be possible to get just one plain color ?

From what I have seen, usually stores dont carry colored fake nails (at least where I live) just the dumb french ones. If you dont like painting your nails, I would recommend a nail wrap. They come in a variety of colors and nail art designs. There is no nail polish involved. Each brand is different so just check the instructions. The finish looks good and you can get them at Fred Meyer, Sally’s etc. IF you are looking to get fake nails because your nails are too short you can get fake plain nails and paint them yourself in any color you want. Its more work but I have done it tons of times. You can also get those at Sally’s and they have good sized ones at Target. I hope that helps if you need more info just let me know!

  1. sarahcrashley said: Walmart sells colored sets but I’m not sure on the quality :( you could always paint a set yourself!
  2. evenmyegoispink said: Haha, they totally do make them. You can get them at Target, Walmart, probably CVS or Walgreens too. They make them for fingers and toes, and they’re not too pricey.
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